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Pregnancy Options

Lauren’s Legacy Pregnancy Center provides information on pregnancy options in Freeport, FL. If your pregnancy is unplanned or comes at a difficult time, you may be wondering what information and resources you need before you make a decision. Learn about your pregnancy options and what to expect next. Partners and support people are welcome.

Are you going to go with abortion or adoption? Or will you choose to become a parent?

Before making a pregnancy decision, you will need to first know if you really are pregnant and how far along the pregnancy has developed. An ultrasound exam is the most reliable way to confirm a possible pregnancy and will help you make a fully informed choice. Contact us to schedule your free appointment for an accurate pregnancy test and ultrasound exam to confirm a pregnancy.

We know that each individual set of circumstances is unique. Our desire is for you to leave our office feeling empowered to make the best choice regarding your pregnancy. Contact us to learn more about your pregnancy options in Freeport, FL.